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In the early part of the 1900's GM was hiring workers at a blistering  pace. Many of these workers were from the south and most were men. The men would kiss their families goodbye for a time and make their way to Flint, the birthplace of General Motors. The men would live as cheaply as they could in an effort to save money for a home. This led to renting apartments 3 to a bed. Each man on a different work shift would slep ien shifts as well. When they had saved enough money they would purchase one of the newly built homes in the area. All built to identical specs just like the assembly line that built the cars produced at GM. One such neighborhood was eventually nicknamed Little  Missouri . This is the neighborhood that Little MO is named after.

The heavy blue collar neighborhood  was a place where our owner grew up. A place where nighbors shared and watched each others kids and helped each other out when they could. The kids played baseball football and hockey in the streets and any empty lot they could borrow for the day.

 It is this neighborhood we honor  by creating a place where friends can come and eat and drink and talk and laugh and just reconnect in the way humans need to do, the way we were meant to connect over a relaxing meal.


We hope you enjoyour neighborhood...



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